About Us

Our business was founded in August 1991. We started our project managing packaging materials for training and events for major corporations such as Nortel, BellSouth (now AT&T), and Ryder. As word got around, we started to produce packaging materials for large RFPs. Back then creating minimal quantities for an RFP was expensive. Many projects cost between $30K to $50K. From this experience, we started creating materials for many proposal departments. We created proposal materials for the department's everyday RFPs needs with customization and unique executive summaries.

We became a member of APMP and attended several conventions where we were exhibitors. Recently, we started receiving requests for custom RFP binders, in small quantities, which we can now produce with digital printing at a relatively low cost. This lead to us creating this website specifically for proposal professionals.

We produce custom printed binders for the proposal professional.


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Production: Washington, MO
Sales: 1175 Dover Falls Trail Ellijay, GA 30540